Monique De Roeck

Alpha K9 Academy

Monique and AmonMonique was born and raised in Belgium. She has been working in the field of dog training for over 25 years. Dogs have been her passion since she was a child.

The way she works with dogs has nothing to do with “a system” but with her philosophy of life. Respect, relationship, clarity, communication, understanding and patience are all a part of it!

She shares her expertise with dog trainers, pet dog owners, professional handlers, veterinarians, ethologists and behaviorists. She has trained in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy Spain, and the United States.

Her past seminar topics include:

  • Increase Understanding & Cooperation through better Communication

  • Option ~ No Option

  • Scent discrimination

  • Detection

  • Tracking

  • Man trailing

  • Search and Rescue for professional working dogs

  • Protection work

  • Coaching days for K9 handlers, working dog groups, sport dogs

  • Aggression

  • Resolving communication issues during training

  • Finding solutions to problems during training exercises

  • Assistance dog training

  • Instructor courses for other training enthusiasts and instructors

Her experience as a trainer include training professional working dogs for professional handlers in the fields of law enforcement, military and conservation. One of her most recent projects included training dogs for the government of Catalunya, Spain to assist them with their conservation efforts to relocate wolves and bears away from populated areas into more remote locations. In addition, she has worked with pet dog owners, trainers, and behaviorists to help solve behavior problems.

She is recognized as one of Europe’s top experts in working with dog’s exhibiting aggression issues. Her instructor training programs have been well attended and have produced many professional trainers over the years.

Through her assistance dog organization, Alfa Centrum voor Hulp en Geleidehonden VZW, located in Belgium, she has trained and continues to supervise and direct training of all kinds of assistance dogs including:

  • guide dogs for the blind
  • therapy dogs for children with autism
  • seizure alert dogs for diabetics and people with epilepsy
  • assistance dogs for disabled individuals or those with hearing impairments

Monique started a new business, Alpha K9 Academy for Dogs and Trainers, LLC in the United States located in St. Johnsville, NY .

Programs offered at the new training center include:

  • private consultations and behavior modification for problem behavior
  • residential training programs including boot camps for instructors and pet dog owners
  • various topics and residential training programs for professional handlers and their working dogs

To compliment her training programs Monique will begin her breeding program as well. Monique’s dogs have gone on to have successful careers as police, military and assistance dogs.

Monique shares her home with her partner and their six dogs: two Dutch Shepherds, two German Shepherd Dogs, one Malinois and one Mix Breed. Five of the dogs are professional working dogs with various skills such as tracking and man trailing, scent discrimination, protection work and narcotics.

Monique also brings her dogs in seminars to function as therapy dogs for dogs with aggression, arousal issues, and behavioral problems.

The sixth dog, and newest addition to her family, was adopted from a shelter in Catalunya, Spain just prior to her relocation to the United States.

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